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About Janet

I’m a dating and relationship coach who specializes in helping smart, professional woman achieve success in their dating, social and personal lives.

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3 Simple Steps to Take it from a Wink to a Date

Do you ever start to feel anxiety when you’re on an online dating site? Do you wonder, “Do I start the conversation or wait? What do I say when he responds? What if he starts to talk about sex?” I want to share 3 simple steps with you so you can confidently navigate conversations online…

Quit Wasting Time with Online Dating

Does the thought of online dating make you cringe and roll your eyes? You’re not alone. Something I consistently hear from women is their frustration with online dating. It takes too much time, there aren’t any good men online, no one pursues me…. Does any of this sound familiar? Yet, during this time of COVID,…

The Biggest Question I Get from Women

I often get asked by women, “Where do I meet a quality man?” While the short answer is “they’re everywhere,” I wanted to break it down to give you something a little more specific to work with. While I do believe one never knows where you’ll meet someone, the four levels below show you how…