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About Janet

I’m a dating and relationship coach who specializes in helping smart, professional woman achieve success in their dating, social and personal lives.

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What does it mean to be seen?

Thank you so very much for the questions you sent in. I love being given the chance to answer and support you.  Here’s a recent question. What exactly does it mean to be seen?  In your last meeting this was the topic of discussion. Can you elaborate, or give examples of what that is or…


When it comes to love and relationships, the #1 thing we all want is to be able to feel safe and secure in our relationship. We want to be able to trust that the other person will never hurt us.   Several years ago, at the end of a date, I had invited the gentleman back…

“How to overcome being an alpha-type and stop pushing men away?”

I was recently asked this question and I thought I would also answer it here as I feel many women may have this question.   I am newly divorced after 24 years… I am and have always been the alpha type, which I feel puts me at a disadvantage. Men seem to find it intimidating. How…