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About Janet

I’m a dating and relationship coach who specializes in helping smart, professional woman achieve success in their dating, social and personal lives.

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How to Tell if a Man is Emotionally Attracted to You

Is he emotionally attracted to you? Or is he in it just for the sex? Here’s how to tell. I was working with a client this week and she’s at the point where she’s done the inner work and is ready to get out there and date. A question she brought to our session was,…

How to Attract the Love You Want by Creating Desire

Mary is a successful woman. She has a lot going for her. She is an entrepreneur with her own company, has a good education, earns plenty of money, has great friends, and is proud of her independence. She’s worked hard to get to this position.  Bob is also successful. He’s a partner in a company…

How to Raise Your Value in a Man’s Eyes (What Men Really Want!)

I remember going on dates when I was single and thinking, “I hope he likes me.”  Because if he likes me I’ll get a second or even a third date and maybe it will turn into something more…. From talking to many women every week, I know I’m not alone in thinking this. We as…