March 6, 2020

Avoid these Dating Traps

by Janet Tingwald in Dating

When we embark on a journey to find that special someone, sometimes we can’t help but fall into all sorts of dating traps. Both women and men alike can fall into bad dating habits, mostly without realizing it. And the more desperate we become, the less likely it is to avoid them.

Do you find yourself attracted to the same type of partners that only leave you hurt and disappointed at the end? There are ways to identify common patterns in the way we approach dating and by becoming self-aware and conscious of the traps we regularly fall for.

Of course, there are many dating traps you should avoid, but here are three of the common ones mature women seem to fall into.

Trap #1: Doing the Walking Billboard

Your past may have left you with the idea that you need to be more attractive. So you do everything to create the illusion of being younger, skinnier, funnier, smarter, or any other adjective you think men look for. You’re selling yourself as a different person because you believe no man would want to date you for who you really are. Believe me when I say you can’t market yourself for such a long time. Your true self will come out eventually and it will only lead to disappointment and anger at the end.

Trap #2: The Gold Giftwrap

Now for the opposite of the marketing trap. Instead of selling yourself as an attractive “package”, you focus on others’ wrapping. You know you’re basing a potential relationship on a date on external things when you worry more about the overall looks, his education, what career he has and whether he has the money. Sure, we all have drooled over Magic Mike and the gang’s smooth moves, but those six packs won’t keep you warm at night. If you focus only on the superficial and others’ wealth, you might miss who the person is on the inside. What if you don’t like what you find?

Trap #3: Supply and Demand

As time goes on, you fear that there are fewer good men left for you. Thus, your mind tricks you into thinking that you either have to remain single or take what you can get. This is probably one of the most dangerous dating traps; you lower your standards out of fear of scarcity, so you settle for less and end up in a worse situation. You are worth so much more. Don’t go for just any man. Keep looking and keep hoping.

Attracting a healthy and happy relationship should never involve drama and disappointments. You deserve the partner of your dreams, but you need to change your mindset and have a clear map that will help you miss the dating traps on your path of finding love. If you would like support on how to do this, let’s hop on a call.

Big luv,