Conversations about relating, dating and mating to create more connection in the world.

About the Podcast:

On a Sunday afternoon, after a four hour conversation about relationships and the state of society today,  Jason said to Janet, “This could have been several podcasts.”  And, so it began.

Relationships, of any kind, are not always easy.   We feel there are a lot of people suffering with growing gaps between men and women. We seem to be going in a direction of independence with the attitude of “I don’t need anyone” to “being alone is easier” and the social media status of, “in a relationship with myself”.

We’re not convinced that is going to lead to greater happiness in the long run for the vast majority of people.  In fact, many statistics and trends say otherwise.

This podcast is a conversation (sometimes more of a debate) about men and women and how we can coexist and grow together.  And, what happens when we don’t.  Although we know we don’t have all of the answers, our desire is for this to be thought provoking and eye opening.  Actually, mind-opening, as we share information we have pieced together and what we see happening today that many people aren’t aware of in our society.  We want to challenge your beliefs about the opposite sex and give you a new way to think about relationships and equality between the sexes.  We want to create conversations and more questions.  We want to WAKE YOU UP! To new possibilities of ways to be and grow together.

We know relationships today are no longer about survival and dependency, nor are they about being fiercely independent.  We believe today’s relationships are about self-respect, respect for others, contribution and supporting others on their journey.  How to lean into and need someone else.  (Yep, it’s okay to need someone.)

We want to support men and women toward greater compassion with each other through thoughtful conversations about root issues and productive solutions that bring people together because it’s good for all of us.

We welcome your feedback.  (Just remember to be nice.)

Janet Tingwald

Janet’s Bio:

Janet Tingwald is the founder of Reality-Based Romance, LLC,  a company whose mission is to empower women to become the best version of themselves so that they can attract the life and relationship of their dreams.

Janet is a Certified Personal Coach with over 19 years of experience. She specializes in working with professional women to focus on increasing their personal growth while improving confidence, to remove the love barriers that have kept them stuck in the past in the hopes they can find their Mr. Right.

Her clients gain the clarity necessary to be able to relax and date authentically with a deep understanding of what it means to build a partnership in their relationship. As a result, they feel in control of their love life by putting them in the driver’s seat.

Her personal approach is simple and straightforward; to inspire women to have the power to create the life and the love of their heart’s true desire as well as how to be the leader at work and their love life.

You can connect with Janet on Social Media through Facebook: @RealityBasedRomance

Jason’s Bio:

Jason is a life-long learner who has been studying personal, professional and leadership development for the past 18 years. Today he works for a social intelligence company that supports people in learning to be versatile, resilient, agile and emotionally intelligent. He also volunteers his time, facilitating boys’ groups to help young men gain emotional awareness and management, learn self-respect and explore how they can positively impact the world around them. His purpose is to help people enhance their emotional and social intelligence, so they can achieve greater success, personally and professionally.

Jason Kiesau

Jason Kiesau