September 22, 2020

Quit Wasting Time with Online Dating

by Janet Tingwald in Dating, Internet Dating

Does the thought of online dating make you cringe and roll your eyes? You’re not alone. Something I consistently hear from women is their frustration with online dating. It takes too much time, there aren’t any good men online, no one pursues me….

Does any of this sound familiar?

Yet, during this time of COVID, one of the things that has happened is all of this isolation and social distancing has really brought out our need for connection and has more people thinking about dating again.

Believe it or not, this is a great time to be dating. You just have to be willing to be a bit creative. The good news is, if a man is seriously looking for a relationship, he’s online.

That brings us back to the first sentence…online dating.

I’d like to support you with making your time on line more efficient and with better results, meaning you’ll meet more interesting men.

Below are 3 mistakes that I see women making that make online dating time-consuming with little to no results.

  1. Your presence online is not consistent. What this tells him is this isn’t a priority in your life. You’re already saying “I don’t have time for this.” If you say you’re too busy, then how will you have time to date or for a relationship?
  2. You’re not clear about what you want so you spend too much time interacting with the wrong men or wondering if you should talk to this one or that one…
  3. You don’t really believe there are good men online, or at least not for you. You’re more focused on seeing what’s wrong with them and not getting hurt than being open to meeting someone.

If you’re ready to make being in a relationship more of a priority, here are 5 ways you can turn those mistakes around.

  1. Create a schedule and a routine for being online. Get on every day for 15-30 minutes.
  2. Look at who has contacted you and quickly sort through who you want to respond to. (Stay focused on what you want, and trust that what you don’t want will also be evident to you.) Sorting is the process of quickly determining if you have enough in common to pursue getting to know someone. Sorting should be quick and is often determined by the information in the dating software (i.e., maybe he has younger children and yours are grown).
  3. Send short replies to those who contacted you to further a conversation.
  4. Look for 2-3 new men to wink at or say hello to.
  5. You’re done! Log off and move on with your day.

So there you have it. Online dating doesn’t have to be hard and a time suck.  

I invite you to give the above ideas a try and see if your results change. I’d love to hear from you what happens.