January 24, 2020

Tap into your heart’s desire

by Janet Tingwald in Relationship

Creating the life of our dreams, and the life we deserve is not only attainable but is no doubt easier and more attainable than we think.

You want more in life. And you are not alone. Inherently as humans, we are wired that way. It is natural to feel a strong pull towards the things in life that you want. Whether we want a significant other, more money, a job, owning a home or car, raising a family or contributing something meaningful to this world, the steps to get there are the same.

Desire Defined

The definition of desire is a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. And while that is true – I believe there are 2 types of desire.

Types of Desire

The first type of desire is a Superficial Desire. This type of desire brings short-term relief and oftentimes leaving us feeling empty, craving for more. The empty feeling comes from a lack of connection to our heart and the core of our being which can only be fulfilled by driving our attention inward to the life energy within us. And as women, this feeling of connection is key in what drives us.

The second type of desire is our Heart’s Desire. Now, this is the good stuff. This type of desire comes from a place of love and joy. Our heart’s desire is the one thing that we want more than anything else. When we tap into these desires, true happiness is found. Heart’s Desire is your True YOU.


Tapping into Your Desire is based on your intention. For example, two people might want to purchase a home, but their intentions are different. One may desire a home for superficial intents such as status symbols, while the other person desires a home to have a safe place to relax. Neither one is wrong. As long as you tap into the intent of your desire. Once you are able to truly tap into your heart’s desire, you have the opportunity to create the life of your dreams (or heart’s desires).

big luv,

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