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I first talked with Janet when she offered a free hour of consultation. I had collected the best stories about dating from meeting men on Match.com. They were great fodder for my stand-up routines at the Second City open mic, but there was never anyone I wanted a second date with. I then met someone I thought I could love, and he turned out to be my second textbook narcissist. Enter Janet Tingwald. With that first consultation, Janet “got me” to where I thought I was talking to a psychologist and a psychic. Her intuition plus experience allowed her to cut through and know more about me than any counselor, coach, or therapist had ever known. I knew she would be the ticket to the kind of dating I wanted and deserved. In the sessions that followed, she helped me tear down the many walls I had unknowingly created as a result of my childhood. She repeatedly said, “I’m not a therapist,” and no she isn’t. She is better and faster than any therapist I have ever used. Every conversation turned into “Aha” moments, and stringing those light bulbs together has made a world of difference for me in the quality of the men I am seeing. Not only have I eliminated dating narcissists, but I have also eliminated emotionally abusive “friends”. If you are serious about getting to the heart of why you have tolerated the intolerable in dating, if you want to date the type of men you truly deserve, you have to call Janet. She won’t like this line, but for me, it has been like speed therapy, a therapy like I have never known. If you really want healthy relationships, Janet will get you there.
Lindsey Novak
Best Love Coach
Before working with Janet I was frustrated and disillusioned with the dating scene. I had been meeting people mainly through online dating and most of the men I met were nowhere near the quality of the man I was hoping to meet and connect with. Within a few weeks of starting to work with Janet, I was feeling empowered and optimistic about myself, my life, and my future. Within another few weeks, I regained the sense of awesomeness about myself that years of online dating had worn away. Through working with Janet on a weekly basis I re-acquired a clear sense of my self-worth. After three months of working with Janet, I felt a quiet, calm confidence that my special guy was on his way to me. After completing the course with Janet I took a few weeks’ “breather” from active dating because that’s what my heart told me to do. I am now in a new relationship with a wonderful man. I am hopeful that he is my special guy. The future looks bright for us. I highly recommend working with Janet. She has a warm and loving approach, coupled with a no bullshit, common sense sensibility. You won’t be sorry you invested in yourself!
Christy Kale
I re-acquired a clear sense of my self-worth
Before working with Janet I lacked confidence in even attempting to date because of thriving from breast cancer. I was not happy with my single life. I like how Janet challenged me to do the work and complete the exercises. I am now confident and happy with my single life. This took me more than a year to complete. I was focused on my business and other family responsibilities. I am glad Janet had the patience to work with me to accomplish my goals. I am now getting excited about looking for romance. I understand what will work for me in a relationship with a man. I understand choosing me so that I can continue with my happy life. Janet is a role model who successfully found the love of her life. I am inspired by her work to find the love of my life now because it is truly possible. Laura Vidal
I am inspired by her work
Before working with Janet I only had a vague idea of what I was looking for in a potential mate. I was grasping at any man that showed an interest in me. Within several months. I learned that I needed to start choosing me in relationships. Now I’m in a relationship and looking at my interactions with potential mates in a completely new light. I highly recommend working with Janet Tingwald for clarifying what your ideal love relationship looks like, so that you can go after that man of your dreams instead of waiting around hoping that he finds you. 
I learned that I needed to start choosing me
Working with Janet helped me in the following ways: I learned to take the time of being single and put it to good use. Learning, growing, doing things I love. Embracing the time. Being a fun, happy, single gal. I realized I needed to create a plan, think about and attract the kind of man I want and need. Instead of just going for the first man I found attractive, or who found me attractive. The visualization tools Janet uses are amazing! I would describe the course as a good dose of reality, which can be humbling in a good way. Mixed with positive energy and great tools, what you have is a life-changing formula to attract your perfect partner. I learned how to change doing what I always had done–become a chameleon and try to be what it was the man wanted. Or you could say it stopped me from sinking into the “dicksand “. I learned I had to allow the man to love me and take care of me. Which meant getting rid of some of the masculine energy, and controlling tendencies. If you are a woman who keeps making the same poor choices, attracting and getting stuck with the same type of men. It’s time to figure out why and change it. Take the time to get to know yourself, your habits, your weaknesses, and change it! That’s what Janet helped me do. It’s money you can’t afford not to spend! It’s truly life-changing.
Maggie Madigan
Truly life changing
I am blissfully happy! We are creating the life we have always wanted! And every day is a blessing! So grateful that I worked with you! It was truly life changing!!
So grateful