August 15, 2016

I re-acquired a clear sense of my self-worth

by mimidavis in

Before working with Janet I was frustrated and disillusioned with the dating scene. I had been meeting people mainly through online dating and most of the men I met were nowhere near the quality of the man I was hoping to meet and connect with.

Within a few weeks of starting to work with Janet, I was feeling empowered and optimistic about myself, my life, and my future.

Within another few weeks, I regained the sense of awesomeness about myself that years of online dating had worn away. Through working with Janet on a weekly basis I re-acquired a clear sense of my self-worth.

After three months of working with Janet, I felt a quiet, calm confidence that my special guy was on his way to me.

After completing the course with Janet I took a few weeks’ “breather” from active dating because that’s what my heart told me to do.

I am now in a new relationship with a wonderful man. I am hopeful that he is my special guy. The future looks bright for us.

I highly recommend working with Janet. She has a warm and loving approach, coupled with a no bullshit, common sense sensibility. You won’t be sorry you invested in yourself!

Christy Kale

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