November 11, 2019

Truly life changing

by mimidavis in

Working with Janet helped me in the following ways:

I learned to take the time of being single and put it to good use. Learning, growing, doing things I love. Embracing the time. Being a fun, happy, single gal.

I realized I needed to create a plan, think about and attract the kind of man I want and need. Instead of just going for the first man I found attractive, or who found me attractive.

The visualization tools Janet uses are amazing!

I would describe the course as a good dose of reality, which can be humbling in a good way. Mixed with positive energy and great tools, what you have is a life-changing formula to attract your perfect partner.

I learned how to change doing what I always had done–become a chameleon and try to be what it was the man wanted. Or you could say it stopped me from sinking into the “dicksand “.

I learned I had to allow the man to love me and take care of me. Which meant getting rid of some of the masculine energy, and controlling tendencies.

If you are a woman who keeps making the same poor choices, attracting and getting stuck with the same type of men. It’s time to figure out why and change it. Take the time to get to know yourself, your habits, your weaknesses, and change it! That’s what Janet helped me do. It’s money you can’t afford not to spend! It’s truly life-changing.

Maggie Madigan

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